10 thoughts on “#学院派# 老狐更胜一筹

  1. 天啊。。最后一格。。我跟我女朋友发生过一模一样的对话!!(然而买单的也是我)(穆桑不要吃醋了,有人买单挺好的呀)(而且这样黑着脸怎么去泡双子爹报复)

    • 穆咩不止是吃醋,而是生命中最重要的两个人联合起来怼他……买东西什么的不重要,而是大王着找打的态度==

  2. 斗不过老狐狸。。。穆咩咩,不如找个儿子来刺激一下大王(贵鬼!体现你价值的时候到了!)

  3. 果然沙加更喜欢大叔……穆此刻的心理阴影面积得有多大啊,哈哈哈哈。


  4. I again.

    I am LOVING the saga of the penguins, hahaah, they have some connection with this, right?

    But people! The mu with jealousy ahahahahahah.

    I started playing the Sims 4 to relax, and could not stand. I created your Mu and his Shaka Wild academism and die laughing with them XD

    sorry not comment much, but I’m out of time. but me and Juliana, strictly follow your posts * – * I’m CRAZY to know more of the penguins, I’m sorry for Mu XD

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