6 thoughts on “Penguin story 13

    • I know the documentary! It was such a breathtaking film when I first time watched it, also was so touching and emotional…actually all documentary about penguin or polar bear makes me sentimental…

  1. Hi!

    I knew that he came to Brazil 🙂 I also traveled and went to Rio de Janeiro to walk a few days after you leave;)

    Very beautiful there, but I’m afraid because unfortunately it’s one of the most dangerous cities in Brazil = x And I’m from the interior of the country hahaha

    I also saw the books ready. My god how beautiful they are.

    I’m loving the penguins, very cute … Poor guy from Shaka hahaha
    Ps: the beer of the penguins you took, it’s HORRIBLE hahah I was sorry for you.

    Ahhh I saw this on the link you passed here..is like a profile? It’s in Chinese and I do not understand NOTHING HAHAHA but I saw some pictures;)

    My admiration for you just grew, for you are much more talented than I could imagine.

    I am very happy to live in a time when distance and cultural barriers can be fooled with technology, here in Brazil we have no access to almost ANY of the material produced by fans. It’s very sad.

    A big kiss

    • Hi Amanda, so you found my weibo ( it is a kind of chinese twitter). Rio is so amazing, the geography, the culture and the climate.. I like there a lot. But you are right, it is not very safe in Rio if you go to some “wrong” places. Fortunately nothing happened to me:) I will still go Brazil sometime in this year, same place, same project.

      Which city are you from in Brazil?

      • Hi

        Ironically, I live in Maringá, in the state of Paraná. It was once considered the best and safest city in the country to live in. But it is in the interior of the country, so I can consider myself a “caipira” (wow, the translator does not have a translation for a hick)? Now it was.

        Here we have many “Orientals”, because Maringá is the sister city of a city in Japan, and so we have many, but many Japanese, which makes my city have a great culture of anime, manga and cosplays. (Well, compare china to japan, it’s like comparing mexico to brazil … but, it’s just to say that I’m very accustomed to elements of oriental culture.)

        Geez I got a little euphoric when I heard you were here. My wish was to go to the airport with a sign written “Boxi I love you”, but at least I would be scared of a huge woman (I have 1.88m) giving a fangirl hahah

        A friend of mine lives in Rio, I just can not go back there at the end of the year, because I’m poor so I can travel a lot.

        I’m very happy that you came here, the Brazilian people are very dear and welcoming, we love visitors, hugs party, I’m sure it was well treated.

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