11 thoughts on “鹿和莲1

  1. Let’s see if I understood properly xD. It’s supposed that Mu had to travel in search of a wife, but he brings a man xD.

    I like their house :).

    • That’s totally correcto~

      They knew each other already when they were young, Shion once brought Mu to the temple down the mountain. But Shion thought it would be a good matching for Mu and the little daughter of the main prist in temple, so he ordered Mu to get her. But obviously Mu had his own mind…

  2. 老喇嘛帅一脸呢…小喇嘛的麻花辫特!别!棒!【特别迷麻花辫】胡子也棒!不过高原反应啥的XD

  3. 看完忽然觉得,前面那一更里的沙宝就是对“有咩用”的最好回答~~

  4. 胡茬咩帅一脸!

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