7 thoughts on “鹿和莲2 End

  1. OMG, flying Kiki made me ROFLMAO xD.

    I couldn’t translate the second part yet, but I feel it’s a beautiful story. Shion is really grumpy xD. Maybe the next time Mu goes out to the mountains he will bring home a Shiryu xD.

    Take care, see you next time!

  2. Stop ! You end up with me.

    A better than the other . I saw this second part , just before taking a test . I could barely answer the questions , sighing in love with the story. Runs off to go home try to translate with the phone, and when I could understand more or less I loved even more .

    His drawings are sublime , the exchange of glances , both a little timid , brave shin , kiki * – *

    Its design is amazing , incredible .

    Their stories of a wonderful sensitivity .

    I’m home most passionate day for his art . Already imagined a thousand and one situations between them , you inspire me .

    please do much more , as it has great fans in Brazil (although I only leave comments here. Lazy people hahaha )

    kisses * – *

  3. 感谢更新!柏兮太太辛苦了!!感觉史老爷子要气炸了XD但是还是舍不得打徒弟,所以小羊羔受苦了(?)史咩被击中的感觉我赌一头咩是有过!!(←噫cp这脑)谁捡谁养那里好有深意XD是暗示当初穆咩是被老爷子捡回来的嘛?沙加和小贵鬼玩飞高高好逗XD穆沙好吃ヽ(爱´∀‘爱)ノ

  4. 话说沙加自己就是个宝宝啊XD两人叫师父的时候,特别想接一句“悟空!”简直是有声音的!(bu

  5. Bonjour !

    Voici un petit commentaire pour dire que j’aime beaucoup vos dessins. Ils sont si originaux et tellement sublimes.

    Malheureusement, je ne comprends pas la partie écrite. Les phrases que le traducteur me donne n’ont vraiment aucun sens…
    Mais je pense que les histoires sont formidables.

    Je vous encourage à continuer. 🙂

    Now, I’ll try to write in english. 🙂

    Hello !

    Here is a little comment to say that I love your drawings. They are originals and sublimes.

    Unfortunately, I don’t understand the written part. The sentences that the translator gives me doesn’t make sense…
    But I think that the stories are very wonderful and amazing.

    I encourage you to continue. 🙂

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