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  1. It seems it’s so funny when Mu sees the strange student. “Horrible”, he thinks, hahahaha. I wonder what Mu thinks about Shaka when he removes his glasses. Love at first sight? I would like to understand the words you write xD.

  2. 開學第一天什麽的,看到這個chapter 1鄙人就已經暈厥了。就是各種被強制跟旁邊陌生的鄰座交談10分鐘以上,各種強制分組group work,各種強制寫paper work。吐槽都沒氣力了喵 @_@

  3. 23333看到小艾和小米的笑姿就不行了23333

  4. I was reading again (if I can say “read” xD) this compilation and I stopped at XY2 to imagine what kind of music Shaka was listening to. The fact is that at this moment I was listening metal music, and I thought he could be even weirder if he were listening to this kind of music too. It could be interesting to know if, when you were drawing, did you imagine about the music he was listening to.

    • I could only imagine he likes type of music I like.. eg. coldplay, some chinese pop songs, and classics.. but it’s most weird if he listens chinese pop song.. so let’s instead assume Shaka likes to listen indian music (problem solved)

  5. 很喜欢这个开头,像是命运之神安排的一个小惊喜。这个故事的开始沙加就是印度人打扮,但我一点也不觉得违和,跟故事发生的地点,纽约,哥伦比亚大学,艺术学院,真的很搭的感觉。


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