5 thoughts on “西奈山下的狗 14

  1. 唔啊啊啊啊哭的好大声。。。诺亚。。。。体育老师出来的时候我和看到那对夫妻一样,以为会有人来给他温暖了。。。结果都是禽兽。。。。。。。

  2. Both parents are scum. Your art is as beautiful as always, it’s the way your lines come together to create emotion. I think the art style really does impact the story that’s told. The fragility of the way you draw child Noah really tears at the heart strings of readers.

    My god he is really brave. I find that the experiences he went through developed his street smarts at least. He seems to be able turn something negative into something that at least he can take some good out of.
    Hoping that the doctor proves to be a genuinely good person in his life.

    • Totally right, he is smart in the situation. Actually he used the 20 dollar from gym teacher to buy bus ticket and left the city (but i didn’t draw this part out..)

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