6 thoughts on “西奈山下的狗 13

  1. Oh god, the new foster dad doesn’t look right. He’s molesting him??

    I’m crying reading this, it’s so sad reading his childhood. The way you draw children is very good, you make them look very soft and tender making the reader want to protect them from harm. That’s why I’m crying, poor boy, what a sad life,
    Looks like the doctor was the only one in his life who actually treated him like a person. :’(

    You’ve made me cry twice so far, and I don’t cry easily lol

    I’m actually a bit surprised that Noah hasn’t developed any mental health issues from all that he went through, ie: rape, traumatic injuries, homelessness.
    My heart breaks for him :’(

    • But he seems to have certain conditions, as stated before in the story, and the way he initated intimacy definitely requires psychology intervention…maybe it’s not a good idea to sleep with him knowing his background.Dunno if that’d happen in later chapters…

      • But Noah desperately wanted to sleep with doctor, what can doctor do 😉 (plus doctor wanted it too..) somehow at the moment getting physical is the only way they can express to each other..

    • Noah mentioned in earlier chapter that the last foster dad tried to rape him so he ran away.. in common sense Noah would have been broken down since long time but he had his way of dealing with pain.. will see

  2. 发现一个细节。。。诺亚洗澡的时候。。内衣被变态动了。。。一开始看到有人愿意对诺亚好还长舒一口气,看完只觉得心碎。。ps冰淇淋放几个月也不会坏的吧哈哈哈哈哈!!

    • 虽然医生飞快地扔了吃的但是保留下了牙刷,感觉这也很体现他的性格哈哈哈哈哈

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