4 thoughts on “Piano

  1. Oh I’m so glad to see your work again!
    I hope you are doing well :)
    I never dared to comment but I’ve been following your work for years (without understanding the text unfortunately, I’m French haha)
    The twins are adorable in this mini story :3
    Thank you for sharing your work so~

  2. 開心看到作者的新進度,我是台灣的讀者,看到本話中出現”歹勢”覺得很有趣,潛水多年也上來打個招呼~

    • 歹势大概是从前看台湾版翻译的日漫而学来的,其实也不知道具体是什么意思,似乎漫画里主人公经常抱怨“歹势”xddd

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