11 thoughts on “永恒春天的花园 Immortal Spring

  1. Nice to see something new!

    I need to use the translator to take a most accurate view of this story (impossible for me to understand a word without help), but the sorrow that flows through the drawings is so intense…
    I just love your vision of Saga and Shaka toguether, overall when they are in a canon context.

    Thank you very much for keep sharing your work.

    Greetings :).

    • Actually this story might be convenient coz there are not much text… hope auto-virtual-translator technology would develop faster to help in those cases…

  2. 我好喜欢你的作品,不论是文字还是绘画。继续加油啊!我一直都会是你的忠实观众。

  3. 柏兮太太好久不见T^T


    来自一位忠实的小透明^ ^表白柏兮!

    • 好久不见,我也好久没上来回复过大家,感到惭愧。。。

  4. 结局有点没看懂。。。能解释下吗?写了shaka的纸条是代表了什么?

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