10 thoughts on “Surf (撒加x加隆)

  1. Oh my…This is terribly hot!! I’ve just seen this new story and still I haven’t used my image translator to know wich words are sharing the twins, but…the drawings are so suggestive, so twisted and erotic…I loved them! Twincest is another one of my debilities in these SS worlds, and I’m very grateful for having the chance of appreciate it in your work. I was missing good images of these handsome twins toguether.
    Thanks for sharing! And please, forgive my writing mistakes :).

    • It’s a hot winter day hm? It just came to my mind that the twinplay is actually so erotic why I never had them in any story? So as long I realised it, there’s no waste of time on that inception:)

  2. Hi Boxi! Gosh! You left me breathless ’cause I never expected a twincest story drawn by your hand, and it’s a pleaure to enjoy it. I think I’m near to cry. I love Saga & Kanon so much. They inspire me a lot of feelings. You made me truly happy. Thanks!

  3. I want more winter days being hot like today :P! Of course there is no reason for let them out of your art. I hope to see more about Saga and Kanon very soon!
    Take care and greetings :).

  4. 看到楼上也在赶论文甚觉安慰2333

    • 祝论文顺利(勾起不堪回首的记忆。。)

  5. 一口气看完了,长出一口气。。太太的作品我总是很难形容,就是好看,回味无穷。。。还是要多读点书才行啊啊啊啊

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