11 thoughts on “Penguin story 10

  1. 啊哈哈哈这么多话萌鹅之后终于还是要出现本尊来渲染一下色气么!



    • 企鹅和人的世界偶尔也会有交集嘛~



  2. Hi.

    I’ve been missing it?
    I’m in exam week in T.T college! and doing my course conclusion work .

    I am LOVING these penguins * – *

    I made a tumblr where I publish my cosplays , arts my friend Ju is also a hardcore fan .

    Confeço who posted images of her (but it is clear that I have given you all the credits , made ​​a declaration of love to his person, and still put your links. But if you want I will immediately retreat at all about their right as an artist )

    You are an inspiration to me and Ju ( rosenrot ) , because of my fanfics Mu in love pictures hahahah
    Juliana is also trying to paint with softer colors (even drag queen inside her, begging for more colors hahaha )

    I wanted so badly to buy their stuff published T.T

    I will leave here the link of an image that Ju had inspired in the way you color …

    I wish every success in the world , I believe I’m your number one fan * – *

    • Hi Amanda, thanks to hear from u again. Good luck with your exam!

      Thanks for the link, it opens a new world! I didn’t expect you made so many posts already.. it will take me some time to read them through:)

      All the best to u as well!


  3. 好可爱呀!!!!!!!!!最后穆鹅醒的时候沙鹅就在旁边难不成一直看着?大王色诱+221B嘿嘿嘿

      • 柏大不用抱歉啦!是我不常用微博,偶爾追過去發現很多福利呢:) 最近幾集真是又逗逼又玄妙啊,確實是荘與蝶之趣,大贊!

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