10 thoughts on “番外2 沙加五岁篇

  1. 已經笑癱了,那2只大象的“腿”確實太粗了。不過大人對小孩的性教育神馬的永遠都是最高難度的一項家庭挑戰呢XD 最後大王自己的預言還真是準,真的找來了一頭羊,一個公羊=。=

    • 对小孩的性教育,永远是道跨不过去的坎,对故事情节来说,也是绕不过去的弯呢(我好罗嗦)

  2. 一脸创口贴的大王好可爱!

  3. This is a very cute story :). I adore this family. I find the Papa Papa drawing one of the most beautiful pieces of art on the world. I say it with total respect ;).

    So… here’s the prove: Shaka is a joker since he was a child xD. He draw the elephants very accurately: four legs and a… …a hanging accessory xD.

    I wonder how it would be to have twin fathers xD. Confusing? Maybe, but lots of fun and tricks granted.

    • a hanging accessory XDDDDDDDD Hahahahahaha u r genius!

      They adopted Shaka together, that’s all~

  4. 双子被小沙加看到第五条腿的状态是……难道说双子互相……哦呵呵呵呵呵呵~~

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