8 thoughts on “学院派 第38更

  1. Triumphant-clumsy Milo vs. clown Shaka is really funny xD.

    Hmm, Mu’s confession left me in a reflexive mood.

    I don’t understand very well the conversation at XY157.jpg, but by the context I think that Shaka is questioning about Mu’s feelings. Then 沙加 asks 穆 if he had previous relationships. Here I don’t understand well if he had two boyfriends or girlfriends before (Google Trans. usual mess), but after all, the point is that he didn’t feel for them the same that he feels for 沙加 now. Meanwhile, 沙加 travels to his inner world to think about 1000 things at a time xD. He remains quiet. I wonder what will happen next, but I feel he is experimenting a happy explosion inside.

    • Shaka was complaining about their “after sex” activities ( doing homework, writing papers), so he thought all the sex were meant only as relax or casual between Mu and himself. But obviously it’s not true…

      Then Mu self talked about him having some girlfriends before, but all turned out not success coz he couldn’t be honest to them, coz he was afraid of revealing his own feeling to others.

      Shaka will explode, si si:)

  2. 其实看到这里有点疑问,之前两人不是已经好了那么久了吗,为什么还需要再来真情告白一次呢?之前的关系依然只算玩玩而已?


    • 之前两人并没有认真表达过感情啊,不过是穆说了句好想你,大王就受用到现在……是时候加大剂量了XD 之前两人互相虽然早就喜欢得不行,但都不敢捅破那层纸==

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