16 thoughts on “学院派 第34更

  1. 害羞的咩咩还是很可爱的~~不要总是一副好成熟的样子嘛~~看到咩咩爹对大王的评价,总感觉会和大爷二爷相处很好的样子o(╯□╰)o

    • 咩咩爹对大王觉得可爱,对大王俩爸可不一定,同龄人或许是暗波汹涌

  2. 當看到史昂對穆咩說:“你是我兒子。”的這一段話,再想起之前new year’s eve的那一更中,和史昂一起的那個背影(真的不是童虎么?!囧),就突然很想知道穆咩到底是從哪裡來的。這個關於穆咩的出身問題其實已經縈繞在鄙人腦中很久了。柏妳快來解釋下 @_@

    • 那个背影是童虎呀,老朋友叙旧嘛~


  3. 我怎么觉得史叔比穆还帅啊。。。难道我变成了大叔控。。。沙沙不会改爱上大叔了吧

  4. 喂! I’m a little bit slow at reading these days because I try to translate and understand better the text :D. Hmmm, so far I understand that Mu is worried because Shaka maybe will go to Europe to continue studying. Mu is confesing to his father Shion that he is in love with a man, but not interested in other men, only in Shaka. Then Shaka is waiting for Mu and meets Shion, but Mu didn’t want them to meet yet xD. And then I LOL’d because Shaka makes a cruel joke and because of the big ear, ’cause he tries to listen to.

    Maybe I’m totally wrong ¬_¬…

    Shaka’s stupid behaviour is cute.

    • I’m impressed, how did u figure out all those content??? They are totally right!

      Shaka’s joke was about their husky eyebrow…

          • Google translator app in Android can do it ;). You can translate sentence by sentence or a full dialogue. The translation from Chinese to Spanish uses to be chaotic and seems senseless, but it gives a context. Next part is when I put in order the chaos combining my free interpretation xD (I must say that the emotions that your drawings express help a lot).

  5. 看到楼上我只想说一句话:榜样的力量是无穷的,哈哈哈哈。


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