17 thoughts on “学院派 第33更

  1. 年轻人的爱情就是这么不确定呀,因为生活本身也是流动着的。但是真爱的话还是会努力去抓住与对方在一起的机会的吧?

  2. 好棒啊!在鹭巢诗郎的Mellow 2EM18的循环下把柏大的学院派全部刷完了,氛围描写的真是环绕着蜜糖和咖啡一样,甜蜜和苦涩把两人串在一起……期待更新!(P.S.第一次留言,嘴拙了)

  3. it looks like delicious!
    but What is the picture looking like a fried egg?
    Do they put yolk of egg sauce with shrimps?
    and what do they talk about?
    please teach me.

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