20 thoughts on “学院派 第27章

  1. 大学接近开学以及放假之前那段时间真的是最爽的~~

  2. Oh, throwing things accidentally… always on a Virgo “to do list” xD.

    New smartphone: this one is white. I remember Shaka threw it accidentally (typical Virgo xD) at the end of the last chapter.

    I’m glad to see MR. Elephant again. Has it got a name? 😀

    They look cute :). I think on the last page Mu is saying “xx why?”, but I can’t identify the first character (Shaka said this character before). I feel some action is coming xD.

    • Ya he’s saying ‘what’, coz Shaka wanna him repeat what he said in phone the other day ( i miss u) XDD

      Shaka has more than one phone… the white one appeared in early time too (the real reason is that I mixed up their phone color sometime..)

      • I imagined Shaka throwing away (accidentally xD) his phone some times during the story and getting a new one each time ;).

  3. 哇哦,终于又开学了,然而我真的很为那瓶酒心塞(关注点错)



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