19 thoughts on “学院派 第26更

  1. 这个故事的最大亮点, 两爸爸被儿子抹干吃尽! 这里的大王太幸福了, 万千宠爱集一身! 相比之下, 穆咩就可怜多了 。。。

    • 穆也不可怜啊,他自己想去旅行的,倒是史昂或许希望儿子陪在身边过新年呢QAQ(打电话过去两句就挂掉)

  2. 🙂 Whatever Mu said to Shaka, it seems it made him happy. I think I can understand that Mu said “I miss you” or “I think of you”, maybe I’m wrong… because Google translator is a mess sometimes. What I’m sure about is that Shaka repeated the last words that Mu said, but from his point of view.

    It’s hard for me to learn chinese characters, but I try xD. I learned how to visually identify some chinese characters during these months: “I”, “he”, “you”, “skirt”, “Shaka”, “Mu”, “Moscow”, xDDDD.

    I laughed at Kanon’s face at the last part. Is he jealous because Shaka doesn’t hugged him?

    Dohko behind Shion?

    • Totally correct:) I don’t need to explain anything to you this time coz u made it all out by yourself XDDDD

      • Wooo! I’m so happy :D!

        In addition, I noticed that in 2016 Shaka may need to buy a new smartphone, ’cause he throw it…

      • Google Translator says that you talk about 8 hours difference between countries. I see no bug here :). Maybe some people expected to be daylight, but during winter, at that latitude in Russia, at 8am it’s not yet dawn :D.

        Also I understood that Mu is talking about ” night” and “star . ” O_O

        By the way, which is the first word in XY105? I see that you use it a lot (to address people, or to call them, I think) but I can’t identify its meaning. Thanks ;).

        • I hope sunrise is after 8am there, but while the Russian bar was still full with normal people, it was like not as late as approaching morningXD

          The first word is like “hey”

  3. 时过一年的评论。。忍不住说,

    • 嗯嗯!那句“我现在心里都是一个人”……深深感觉到了和星空一同充斥胸间而满溢的思念呢。

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