12 thoughts on “学院派 第25更

  1. 啊啊啊,我是沙发对不对??沙发沙发~~~哦也~~第一次抢到!




    • 史昂背后有虎爷啊~才不会寂寞(我昂爷是寂寞的人吗,想让他临幸的人排队几百里长吧)



  2. 另外一直有个问题憋在心里想问,大大是专业学美术的吗?还是自学成才那种呀?对不起,我可能有点冒昧了……

  3. Wooo! This update makes me ask many questions.

    Poor twin-parents, they only wanted to show love to their lovely-but-fucked up child xD.

    I don’t know what Mu and the old woman talked about, but Mu left the bar very angry. The three men on the table were listening to. Did he finally send the text message? I wonder whom he phones when he is outdoors (maybe it will be revealed on the next update, or maybe you said it already in the Chinese text, but I can’t read it :p). Mu under the night sky is a beautiful sequence.

    Gazing at the stars. Which constellation?

    Which town is visiting Mu? I wonder if he saw Lake Baikal already.

    I feel Shaka is worried and sad because Mu is far from him <3.

    • The old woman wanna introduce her youngest daughter to Mu:) promising if he stays in Russia, gonna get a farm as wedding gift. Apparently Mu politely refused, but she did not give up. So Mu told her the person he loves is a man. Then he was kicked out from the bar (u understand the Russian..)

      Then Mu’s dad Shion called him.

      I didn’t think of making special constellation, but it was a good ideaXDD

      He’s in a small town hundreds kilometers away from Moscow, coz he traveled from Europe side, so he won’t be able to see Baikal lake I guess..

      • Thanks for the translation :)! Woo, the conversation with the old woman seems funny because of the proposition and the wedding gift, but it ends drastically when a taboo issue is mentioned. I like that you talk about daily life matters in your stories. It’s a pity that we people construct barriers against living freely our sexuality. Fortunately we are also the ones who can destroy them. I think the men on the table could do a good trio if they leave behind social taboos.

        Lake Baikal can be seen when Transiberian leaves behind Irkutsk. So Mu can enjoy the views if he reaches so far in the route, and he wakes up early.

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