20 thoughts on “学院派 第10更

  1. “玩失踪就是我想上你而被别人捷足先登的意思”

  2. Oh! I remember some of this pictures, but I think something changed on the text boxes (which I cannot read xD), but I see some chinese characters are different from the previous ones. Also the interaction between Mu and Shion changed. Mu is wearing different clothes at home than the previous version. Everybody says different things now :D. I’m happy because although I cannot understand a word, I have been able to notice the changes :D. I feel like a 5-year-old child.

    • U r so cute XDDDD I re-sketched the breakfast pages, only those when Mu was on Metro then on campus was taken from old pages. Their dialogue was actually same, just re-phased a little. I’m happy that u still remember them.

      • Haha, thanks. And also thanks for the explanation about what happened in the comic/manga you both wrote below. I’m anxious to see how the story continues. I wonder if it will have many chapters (I hope so!).

      • I think it is because Mu went back home and left all homework that had been assigned for them to do together to Shaka. So Shaka gets angry at him. On the other side, Mu is angry because he saw Shaka was with Saga and Kanon. It looks like Mu is throwing a laptop onto Shaka’s face. 😀

    • Like 天晨 said, coz Mu moved back home from dormitory, so Shaka couldn’t find him. That’s why Shaka was so angry when finally caught Mu at their lecture.

  3. 昂爹太女王了,穆在他面前简直化身小侍从!不过超喜欢穆会做饭的设定,大王那么瘦,就是要有穆咩在身边做给他吃才对。话说大王不是怕报告完不成吧,是找不到小情人担心了吧?就让我当这是大王对穆咩用情至深的证据吧!终于看到大王的真心了!

  4. 哈,大王好幸福,不但性福,还有口福…下得了厨房,出得了厅堂,上得了牙床,穆简直就是现代标准情人…

  5. 穆也被打了,大王这是打遍天下的节奏啊…

  6. 穆还手了!还手了!还手了!



    • 当然要还手,打架的时候,管你是什么关系有没有暧昧,就是两个20岁的雄性大学生啊XD

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