14 thoughts on “学院派 第5更

    • 柏大,似乎你的主页在国内打不开了。。。你考虑下转发吧,这样能有更多的人看到

      • 以前也有在国内打不开的问题,但应该是个别IP的问题,我尝试过解决也无有效办法。谢谢你告诉我~其实大部分新作在微博上也同步连载着,主站这边能有多少人看到,就算缘分吧:)

  1. Hahaha, well, what we have here? Drunk fight! Whatever Shaka told to Milo, it had to be very sassy for Milo. And… whatever Milo said… it had to be so rude for Mu to yell and Shaka to hit Milo’s face. Once more, congratulations. I wish I could buy your works from Spain :D.

    • It’s a bit complicated to explain what led to the final punch:) In general Milo was rude to Shaka coz his behavior was kinda wired. Then on last page Milo said even Mu was blind coz of Shaka’s good looking, it won’t work on me. Then Shaka punched him:=)

    • About purchasing my work in Europe, the sending fee gonna be kinda expensive, coz all the prints out are stored in China.

  2. 哦呵呵呵!大王的那一拳,動作好華麗的說!真man,這是因為9月要來臨了,所以要反攻了么?>_<

  3. 哈哈哈,大王果然还是对自己的容貌自信满满啊!没错,大王就是长得这么好看!然而被米罗无意间说中心思的穆的反应也挺耐人寻味的……已经开始敏感起来了啊,嘿嘿。

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