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  1. 大王這麼隨便就答應穆咩了。。。穆咩也太容易吃到大王了 =。=

  2. 这事就当没发生过,这是何等的默契呀,都是提了裤子不认人的家伙呀

  3. Hahahaha, what a surprise! This is what I call to immerse in the duty. I wonder the meaning of the words and thoughts in the first picture at page XY9. By the way, XY8 is one of the most beautiful pages you have ever drawn. It’s full of details, and I like very much the composition. Congratulations. It seems Mu will have to hide somehow his affair with the freaky. Funny!

    • In page XY9 1st pic, Shaka n Mu said at same time: What happened last night had never happened.

      In later page Milo was firstly joking about Aiolia and his partner Morin (They were together after some days’ team work), then joking about his own partner, then asking Mu how about Shaka. Mu does not wanna tell too much, then Milo was teasing maybe Mu n Shaka also slept.

      Then Aiolia saw Shaka, but Mu did not want to invite him to their table.

      That’s all:)

  4. Oh, thank you for the translation. I’m glad I understood well then :D. What I thought while looking at the pictures was that Mu and Shaka wanted to hide what happened and later, Aiolia wanted to call Shaka to join them on the table. You have talent to tell stories that reach people who don’t understand your language. That’s great!

  5. 啥叫卖叶子??

  6. 太好奇这一晚究竟是怎样开始又怎么结束的,大大有没有计划以后就这一夜发生的事搞个小番外什么的?嘿嘿。

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