14 thoughts on “#印度村居模型# 大王的嫁妆

  1. O_O you left me breathless! You put a lot of work, illusion and love doing this house. Now that I can enjoy the fanbook in my hands, I feel happy looking at these pictures. How beautiful is the light coming through the window :). If I were near you, I would ask you for a big hug. Congratulations.

  2. 哇,小房子已经完工啦!好精致好有意境~~~特别是光线打下来的感激,真的特别好,好希望自己也能坐在这个小院子里,欣赏日落。


    • 光线makes the difference:)


  3. 看了柏的作品逾发觉得自己需安陶冶情操!

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