12 thoughts on “#沙加的娘家# 印度村居

  1. 猫咪说, 妈妈又给我修了个超有民族风的新家, 可为什么屋门我连一只爪子也伸不进? 喵呜!

  2. Wow! Amazing! It will be a very nice home :). I’m planning to make (someday) a polystyrene replica of The Wailing Wall (Hades: Chapter Inferno) for my figures, so I can recreate the scene of the rosary between Shaka and Mu xD. Well, I need a Dohko for that… so maybe I will use my Seiya until then xD.

    • Looking forward your creation! Wailing Wall is one of the best scenes in Saint Seiya, and passing rosary from Mu to Shaka is also very touching…it’s like the only tranquil moment before final fight starts..hope you really make it come true:)

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