19 thoughts on “小福利之2

      • 我看柏大的文比较早了,有好几年啦,本来以为SS圈冷了,不会再有新文可看,没想到在我当了孕妇的时候找到这里并且又知道了琴大也重出江湖了,真的超级惊喜的。以后便常驻此地啦。

        • ss圈相比当年的盛况确实冷了,我也中断了几年。但这种热情是只需星星火就会死灰复燃的,柏现在又处于活跃期:)只要有人热情还在,我也不求能恢复当年盛世,这样小窝里众乐乐,还有琴这样的老朋友在,已经很满足了。

  1. Omg. I read your Episode, and I seriously cried for its bad ending.
    I like how you did it differently to many other sasha fanfics, like the diary part of it 🙂 (it really hurts ,y know> <) and I love how you write Mu, I got sucked into his character 🙂
    Shaka's my favorite Gold Saint, and nobody except Saga is able to beat him and win his heart!Yeah, it's weird for a married woman to have a passion for comics, i love your writing so much. You are such a talented writer! Yup, that may sound crazy but i can't help, i just can't… it is too amazing and I @#$%&&*(*(@@@@
    okay ,okay, crazy lady leaving now ~~~~

    y'know what? 😉
    Saga and Shaka are my CP of destiny!
    This is really inspiring to read your comics and it's grabbing me to read more
    Anyway, please update! never quit and i would obviously love to see more of their stories, well, don’t feel obliged! I CAN WAIT

    Pls forgive me for not typing Chinese,but I can read 🙂

    • Hey, thanks for your reply:) It’s always a pleasure to know that someone like my work and had fun:) Please visit my site more often, to motivate me to keep on updating:)

      N don’t cry for the story, it’s just a story. Shaka n Saga sure deserve some happiness in the manga! Let’s see about that~

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